Two Emirs, 6 Terrorists Arrested by Kurdish Security Forces

Kurdistan 09:40 PM - 2024-05-06
 Asayish officer in an operation. Asayish Directorate

Asayish officer in an operation.

ISIS terrorists Asayish Directorate Sulaymaniyah Halabja Kurdistan

Kurdish Security Forces captured two Emirs and 6 terrorists affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS) in Sulaymaniyah, Halabja, Hawija District of Kirkuk Governorate. 
The Asayish forces reported the apprehension of seven ISIS terrorists in two separate operations, two of whom hold the rank of emir. The operations were conducted on April 20 and May 3, 2024 where seven terrorists were apprehended in Sulaymaniyah and Halabja. The terrorists unlawfully crossed the borders of the Kurdistan Region to reach the central and southern cities of Iraq. 

Meanwhile, the Kurdistan Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG) reported the arrest of a terrorist in Hawija District in a joint operation by the CTG, the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service and the coalition forces. 



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