DPM Talabani & U.S. Delegation Emphasise Collaboration in Energy Sector

Kurdistan 06:57 PM - 2024-05-16
Qubad Talabani & Geoffrey Pyatt Deputy Prime Minister's media office

Qubad Talabani & Geoffrey Pyatt

Qubad Talabani Kurdistan The US

Qubad Talabani, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, met today in Erbil with a delegation from the United States (U.S.) led by Geoffrey Pyatt, the Assistant Secretary for Energy Resources. The primary focus of their discussion was on climate change and the energy crisis, as well as the activities and steps that may be implemented to solve these issues.

The most recent developments concerning the negotiations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region were deliberated about. Both parties stated that they believed in reaching a resolution on all matters in the near future.

They also discussed the challenges and barriers that hinder the production of electrical energy in the Kurdistan Region. The guest delegation expressed their willingness to invest in this sector to support the Region and Iraq as a whole. They proposed utilising renewable energy sources to alleviate the strain on the public budget and promote environmental protection. 

Qubad Talabani, for his part, enthusiastically shared his message on environmental protection and suggested actions. Along with discussing the Green University initiative and Koya University's usage of electric buses for transportation, he said that "It is our the duty to make efforts in minimising the effects of climate change."

The delegation highlighted that their country is prepared to support the Region by supplying advanced technology in this area, particularly eco-friendly technology that helps mitigate the effects of climate change. 

The meeting was attended by Alina Romanowski, the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Mark Stroh, the US Consul General in the Kurdistan Region, Amanj Rahim, the Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Daban Shadala, the Deputy Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government's Foreign Relations Department, and Ahmed Mufti, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources.




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