PUK Parliamentarian: Kirkuk's Governor Appointment Will Solve the Problems

Kurdistan 07:47 PM - 2024-05-18
 PUK Faction leader Harem Kamal Agha. PUKMEDIA

PUK Faction leader Harem Kamal Agha.

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The leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) faction in the Iraqi parliament stated that there is currently no consensus among political parties regarding the appointment of the speaker of the Iraqi parliament and that there is a lack of unity among the Kurdistani factions. In regards to the governor post in Kirkuk, he stated that appointing a governor for the city will help resolve many of the issues in the disputed areas.

New Parliament Speaker must be elected as soon as possible

"The Iraqi Parliament will convene today to select a new speaker; however, there is currently no consensus between the Sunni and other factions regarding the nomination of a candidate," stated Harem Kamal Agha, the leader of the PUK faction in the Iraqi parliament, in an interview with PUKMEDIA.

"The political parties concur with the Federal Court's ruling that the parliament must promptly select a new speaker, as the speaker's absence has adversely affected its functioning," he stated, further noting that the Kurdish factions do not have a unanimous decision on which candidate to support.

If the IHEC's term is not extended, it will have a negative impact on the democratic process

Agha pointed out that the parliament will hold a second reading today to discuss and vote on the extension of Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission's (IHEC) term. The first reading took place last week, and the vote is expected to happen before the legislative break begins.

"Not Extending the term of the IHEC would adversely affect the democratic process in Iraq overall, and particularly in the Kurdistan Region, where parliamentary elections are imminent and require the oversight of this commission," he stated.

Vote on the budget amendment schedule

"Conversely, the Council of Ministers has urged the parliament to vote on the budget amendment timetable prior to the commencement of the break," stated the leader of the PUK faction in the Iraqi parliament.

The Iraqi budget for the years 2023, 2024, and 2025 was previously approved, and the parliament is required to adopt the revised plan on a yearly basis. The Iraqi Council of Ministers has formulated the timetable and is anticipated to endorse it during this week's meeting, thereafter forwarding it to the parliament for approval of the revised schedule.

PUK Faction: Our efforts are to employ the top graduates in the Kurdistan Region

"Our faction will do everything regarding recruiting the most top graduates from the universities in the Kurdistan Region, totaling approximately 11,000 individuals, based on their respective areas of expertise," stated Agha.

He stated: "We held multiple meetings with the Iraqi Service Council regarding this matter and requested that they employ the top graduates of the universities in the Kurdistan Region. However, a problem arises as certain universities in the Kurdistan Region have not received official recognition from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education. It is imperative that the Ministry of Higher Education formally acknowledge these universities. Subsequently, we must enhance our endeavours to recruit the most exceptional graduates in the Kurdistan Region. Additionally, a resolution needs to be reached about the universities in the disputed areas."

The problem of the farmers must be solved once and for all

Agha highlighted that the current attempts to address the issues faced by farmers in the disputed regions are only temporary. Therefore, it is imperative to find a permanent and constitutionally sound solution to fully alleviate the challenges faced by these farmers. 

"This week, a delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Justice will be dispatched to the disputed areas to address the issue. This is particularly important as farmers are currently occupied with harvesting their crops," he stated.

PUK is the number 1 force in Kirkuk 


Agha stated that the PUK is committed to addressing the matter of the governor of Kirkuk and the activation of the provincial council, just as it does for all other provinces in Iraq. 

"Based on the electoral merits, the PUK is the leading political group in the city and is entitled to assume the position of city governor," he said.

"Appointing a governor for the city and starting the governor's council meetings will effectively address numerous issues in the conflict areas. Therefore, we are currently striving to reach a consensus regarding the appointment of a governor." "The Iraqi prime minister has held multiple meetings with the victorious parties in Kirkuk in an effort to address and resolve the issue," stated Agha.


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