PJTF President: It is difficult to replace President Mam Jalal

News 11:54 AM - 2023-04-07
 PJTF President Mohammed Sabir PUKMEDIA

PJTF President Mohammed Sabir

President Mam Jalal

Ambassador Dr. Mohammed Sabir discusses President Mam Jalal's political career on the 18th anniversary of his election as the nation's first Peshmerga and Kurdish president. He states, "His absence in Iraq would not be filled because, with his expertise and knowledge, he was a blessing to the Iraqi people and brought everyone to the negotiating table."

Ambassador Dr. Mohammed Sabir, President of President Jalal Talabani's Foundation, told PUKMEDIA: "I would like to provide some information on Mam Jalal in honor of the anniversary of his election as the first Kurdish president." "No other leader has been as politically active or significantly impacted Iraq and the surrounding area."

"President Mam Jalal assessed the situation realistically and formed friendships among all internal and external leaders." "Nothing will make up for his absence in Iraq," Sabir stated.

He also said that there is undoubtedly no leader as political as President Mam Jalal, who played such a significant role in Iraq and the region because of his extensive experience and knowledge, which greatly benefited his relations and the Iraqi people.

"President Mam Jalal believed that Kurdish independence would not be achieved until neighboring countries became countries that respected the rights of nations and minorities, and the Kurdistan Region should cooperate with Iraq," he said of Kurds.

"Both his supporters and detractors attest that he ensured the balance between the Iraqi minorities and brought various viewpoints together." He has preserved a regional and international balance that has shielded the Iraqi political system from the conflict sparked by competing interests. "It will be difficult to replace him because of the solidarity that he fostered among the political forces in the Kurdistan Region, our people's highest interests, the region's political institutions, and the defense of basic liberties and rights," he further said.

Following the overthrow of the Ba'ath regime in Iraq by the United States and its allies in 2003, an interim council was formed to govern the country.

Before the Iraqi parliament was formed in 2005, the council carried on its activities for another two years. President Mam Jalal was elected as the President of Iraq on April 6, 2005, making history by becoming the first Kurd to hold office. It was a significant accomplishment for the Kurds.


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