A delegation from People's Republic of China visits President Mam Jalal's mausoleum

Kurdistan 11:03 PM - 2023-02-14
 The Chinese delegation behind Mam Jalal's grave PUKMEDIA

The Chinese delegation behind Mam Jalal's grave

Kurdistan President Mam Jalal PUK

A delegation of the People's Republic of China visited the mausoleum of the late President Mam Jalal.

Dr. Mohammed Sabir, President of President Jalal Talabani's Foundation, welcomed the Chinese delegation, which was led by Zhu Rui, Assistant Minister of the Foreign Relations Office of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee, and included Cui Wei, Chinese Ambassador to Iraq, Liu Zhenyong, Chinese Consul in the Kurdistan Region, and a number of other Chinese officials and advisors.

The visiting party placed a wreath at President Mam Jalal's grave and penned notes about Mam Jalal's significance in history.


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