President Bafel: Artists played a significant role in preserving Kurdish culture

P.U.K 09:30 PM - 2023-02-11
 President Bafel meets with several Kurdish artists in Dabashan. PUK President's media office

President Bafel meets with several Kurdish artists in Dabashan.

Kurdistan Region President Mam Jalal President Bafel

Bafel Jalal Talabani, President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), hosted several artists in Dabashan, Sulaymaniyah Province, including musicians, actors, painters, and filmmakers.

The discussion covered the role of art and its influence on society, as well as the state of art in the Kurdistan Region today and ways to support artists.

President Bafel emphasized the historical significance and influence of artists, who have been able to passionately preserve Kurdish culture and write a glorious history.

Moreover, he told the artists, "Art must significantly advance under your guidance in the Kurdistan Region, especially in Sulaymaniyah, which is recognized as the capital of culture, and it must reflect its name."

He further said, "You as artists can play a significant role in influencing society and public taste; your works should represent the social and political life of our region and provide high-quality examples of art to our people and the world."

"Art should not be politicized, and do not permit anyone to interfere in your work," President Bafel remarked in reference to the freedom of artistic expression and political intervention. "One of the duties of art is to be critical and to combat oppression and injustice through your work."

In their responses, the artists outlined the challenges and barriers in the field of art, offered suggestions for how to address them, and stressed the significance of these meetings as a motivator for overcoming challenges and advancing innovation.

They also praised President Mam Jalal and Mrs. Hero's efforts and assistance, who had previously supported artists and made a great contribution to the advancement of art in the Kurdistan Region.

Furthermore, President Bafel made several significant decisions regarding the development and promotion of artistic activities and the state of art and artists in the Kurdistan Region, stating, "We will create a special council in all artistic sectors and take big steps together."


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