Kurdish refugee's rescuing video went viral

Kurds Abroad‌‌‌‌ 11:05 AM - 2021-07-08


A Kurdish refugee with two other men rescued a woman from a burning apartment.


Adam, Miki, Abdullah are three men who were doing their daily activities in a neighborhood in Hammarkullen. It was not long enough when they heard screaming for help.


23 apartments caught fire, and without thinking they reached for help. 


During the weekend, a video went viral in Sweden, which showed three men climbing an apartment to rescue a woman who screams for help.


Adam Yousif, a Kurdish refugee in Sweden, said he had no time to decide for climbing the building.


"She screamed for help and thought that she might have difficulty breathing. I just did as I felt at the moment. This morning I met the woman, and she was so grateful. It felt good," he said.


Mohammed Ali is a leisure leader at Mixgården in Hammarkullen and was the one who shared the video of the rescue that went viral. Now he and Mixgården have started to collect clothes, money, and food for the families affected by the fire.





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