10 Notable Individuals Receive Golden Bla Award

Kurdistan 09:27 PM - 2024-04-23
The Golden Bla Award Ceremony PUKMEDIA

The Golden Bla Award Ceremony


The Golden Bla Award was presented to 10 exemplary individuals in the presence of Bafel Jalal Talabani, President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan; Dr. Abdullatif Rashid, President of Iraq; Ms. Galawezh, the wife of the intellectual Ibrahim Ahmed; and Ms. Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed, the first lady of Iraq. The event was attended by a significant number of guests from all four parts of Kurdistan.

The Golden Award is presented to ten distinguished individuals from the four parts of Kurdistan who have emerged as iconic figures in diverse domains.

After the start of the event, Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed, the First Lady of Iraq, and the head of the Ibrahim Ahmed Foundation stated: "I offer my apologies to those individuals who are deserving of recognition, but due to the sheer magnitude of their numbers, it is not possible for us to present awards to all of them."

"The Kurdish people are oppressed and have few friends. Currently, during this critical historical era, we are experiencing a sense of danger for our Region. Regrettably, we observe a lack of significant measures being taken to address the issues at hand," she further said.

Those who received Golden Bla Award

Ibrahim Amin Baldar received the Golden Bla Award for his contributions to the field of education and the development of the Kurdish alphabet.

Ali Akbar Moradi received the Golden Bla Award for his contributions to Kurdish music.

Dr. Akhtar Najmadin received the Golden Bla Award in recognition of her exceptional dedication to serving cancer patients.

Nasir Razazi received the Golden Bla Award in recognition of his contributions to the field of Kurdish art.

Khalid Jaff, who provided evidence of the documents of the Kurdish identity of Kirkuk, received the Golden Bla Award.

Dr. Sherko Abdullah received the Golden Bla Award in recognition of his contributions to the art of satire writing.

Sayed Ali Asghari Kurdistani received the Golden BlaAward in recognition of his contributions to the realm of Kurdish art.

Dr. Jwan Hami received the Golden Bla Award from President Bafel Jalal Talabani in recognition of her dedication to the injured during the battle against ISIS.

Ms. Shanaz presented the Golden Award to Haji Fayimin recognition of the fact that 52 of her family members were murdered during the Anfal campaign.

D. Ali Badrkhan was honoured with the Golden BlaAward by President Rashid for his outstanding contributions as a Kurdish filmmaker in Egypt.

President Bafel's proposal to Ibrahim Ahmed Foundation

Following the presentation of the awards, President Bafel Jalal Talabani proposed to the Ibrahim Ahmad Foundation that one of the golden awards be given to martyr Comrade Abdo for the upcoming year. 

"This is because martyr Comrade Abdo is a significant martyr of Kurdistan and deserves recognition through this award," he said.

He also said: "It is also a support to all individuals in Syria and every Kurd who is actively engaged in the fight for an honourable Kurdistan."

"Nevertheless, this message is directed against our rivals and those collaborating with them, which we tell them (we are Kurds and we will always be Kurds)," he said.




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