Golden Bla Awards Ceremony Takes Place in Sulaymaniyah

Kurdistan 11:32 AM - 2024-04-23
 Golden Bla Awards. PUKMEDIA

Golden Bla Awards.

Kurdistan Bla Awards

The prestigious Golden Bla Awards will be bestowed upon exceptional and ideal individuals during a ceremony taking place in Sulaymaniyah on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

The Golden Bla Awards ceremony takes place every year on the commemoration of Ibrahim Ahmed's death, and is bestowed upon individuals who demonstrate exceptional qualities. Nine prizes were bestowed last year to individuals who demonstrated excellence in many fields, including motherhood, writing, language preservation, judiciary, research, activism, academia, friendship with the Kurds, and journalism.

What is the Bla Award?

Annually, the Ibrahim Ahmed Foundation organizes a celebration to honor the indomitable spirit of this remarkable individual. Ibrahim Ahmed, known by the moniker Bla, is a renowned figure who has excelled as a leader, politician, Peshmerga, attorney, author, and journalist.

Starting from 2022, the prize has been bestowed upon numerous notable individuals and figures, such as outstanding mothers, Peshmerga fighters, students, artists, and authors. The selection of the most suitable candidates is determined by their responsibilities, endeavors, and impact in diverse domains. The awards are divided into 5 predetermined categories, and additional categories are included based on the selected winners.

The predetermined categories are: 

Ideal Mother: This award is presented to an exemplary and hardworking mother who has proudly assumed the responsibility of raising her children while serving alongside her spouse or who has raised her children following the passing of her husband.

Ideal Student: This award is given to a student who successfully completes their education after their father's martyrdom.

Ideal Peshmerga: This award is presented to a Peshmerga who has participated in numerous battles while serving selflessly, tirelessly, and valiantly.

Ideal Writer: This award is awarded to a writer who has constantly contributed to the literary field of Kurdish writing and literature with his pen, imagination and intellect and has supplied numerous works to the Kurdish library.

Ideal Artist: This award is presented to an artist who has made remarkable contributions to the Kurdish art scene.

A brief biography of Ibrahim Ahmad (1914–2000)

The Bla Awards are sponsored by the Ibrahim Ahmed Foundation as a tribute to the distinguished writer, politician, and intellectual Ibrahim Ahmed. He was born in Sulaymaniyah on March 6, 1914. He was a source of creative thought and imagination. Furthermore, he was not only a trailblazer in the realm of storytelling and novels, but also a distinguished poet and journalist. He was a politician and an advocate for the rights of the Kurdish people. 

Ibrahim Ahmed was a Kurdish author, novelist, and interpreter who pursued a degree in Law at the University of Baghdad and successfully completed his studies in 1937. Between 1942 and 1944, he held the position of a judge in the cities of Erbil and Halabja. In 1939, he collaborated with Alaaddin Sajadi to establish the Kurdish literary journal Gelawêj. He assumed the role of publisher, while the Editor in Chief supervised the publication. Gelawêj had its initial appearance in 1949. During this period, his interest in politics developed.

He died in London on April 8, 2000, leaving behind a substantial collection of literary works.


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