Communication and Media Commission in Iraq punishes Korek Telecom, Stops its 4G services

10/6/2021 18:48:00

Iraq - Baghdad, on Thursday Communication and Media Commission of Iraq in a statement, announced that they have stopped Korek Telecom 4G internet service. 


The content of the statement was as follows: 


From the standpoint of transparency and the role of the Media and Communications Authority in protecting the state’s resources and optimal investment and regulating this vital sector in a manner that meets the service requirements and secures the legitimate rights of citizens and based on the continuous field monitoring rounds of our technical teams that proved that Korek Telecom launched the fourth generation services and bypassed the rights of the frequency spectrum in areas publishing its services without obtaining the necessary fundamental approvals and in violation of the decisions of the judicial authorities and the Board of Commissioners of the Media and Communications Commission.


Based on the authorities granted to our authority under Legislative Order No. 65 of 2004 in force, the decisions of the Board of Commissioners of the authority and the authority’s instructions and controls, and for the failure of Korek Telecom Company to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the aforementioned decisions, which prevented the company from signing the extension contract renewal with it and the Korek Telecom Company proceeding to launch the 4G services.


Without prior permission from our authority, and as part of the tasks and duties of the authority in regulating the telecommunications and information technology sector, protecting the rights of subscribers and ensuring their access to advanced services with high quality and at the most appropriate prices, and the permanence of the work of all companies following the legal frameworks of the state and in a manner that ensures the preservation of public money and consumer protection,.


In view of Korek Telecom’s non-compliance with implementing the judgment of the Baghdad Court of Appeal / Karkh Federal / Second Appeal Authority in its letter No. 880/882/884/886/Q/2020 on 23/12/2020 and the decisions of the Board of Commissioners of the Commission and the continuation of Korek Telecom and its insistence on continuing the violation Despite the warnings, the authority is continuing to take the necessary legal measures against Korek Telecom in accordance with the licensing contract In the event of continuing the violations committed against it.


The authority will proceed with the procedures according to the legal sequence, in addition to holding Korek Telecom Company responsible for harming public money and the rights of subscribers. Therefore, the authority calls on the subscribers of Korek Telecom that the authority will take all necessary measures. The necessary procedures to protect their rights in accordance with the terms of the contract concluded with the company, and these procedures will be noted to ensure that subscribers are less affected by the service.


The Commission would also like to point out and emphasize the need for all companies licensed by the Commission to abide by the laws and resolutions in force issued and related to their work in the public interest.


Communication and Media Commission / Baghdad





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