Iraqi Cabinet approves National Integrity and Anti-Corruption Strategy

7/4/2021 11:24:00

The Cabinet held its weekly meeting on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.


At the start of the meeting, the Prime Minister briefed the Cabinet on recent his official visits to both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, saying that the visits were successful and important and that they reflected the sincere fraternal will to support Iraq.


The Prime Minister said that the discussions during the visits will be translated into permanent working mechanisms with all Iraq’s neighbours and with the international community.


The Prime Minister affirmed that following the passage of the Federal Budget Law approved, the government must work urgently to implement its provisions and serve the Iraqi people.


The Prime Minister to the Cabinet that he has personally noted  an unacceptable increase in food prices, and confirmed that he would personally monitor the price of essential goods and will take action to protect consumers from the greed of some merchants.


The Prime Minister also addressed the developments in Dhi Qar province, and confirmed that, following consultations with key stakeholders, a new governor has been appointed to run the province and his name will be announced shortly.


The Prime Minister told the Cabinet that an advisory council will be appointed in Dhi Qar, reporting to him, and that he he will follow up on a daily basis with the new governor and the council on all matters related to the reconstruction of Dhi Qar.


He also indicated that the results of the investigation into the violence during the recent demonstrations in Dhi Qar will be announced on Wednesday.


The Cabinet then receive a briefing from the Minister of Health on the latest Covid-19 related developments, and the government efforts to contain the spread of the Coronavirus.


Following discussions, the Cabinet decided to:


Authorise the Ministry of Education and the General Directorates of Education in the governorates to contract lecturers who have been providing their services for free in the public sector, prior to 1st of May 2020 and for this to be concluded by 1st of September 2021


Direct the Ministry of Education to submit a monthly progress report to the General Secretariate of the Council of Ministers on the implementation of this directive


Approve of the National Integrity and Anti-Corruption Strategy (2021-2024), which was prepared by the Federal Integrity Commission to contribute to combating and reducing corruption




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