Japan invests additional US$ 607,500 for life-saving maternal services in Iraq

7/4/2021 11:07:00

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) welcomes the generous contribution of over USD 12 million from the government and people of Japan This contribution will help UNHCR work on solutions for displaced populations in Iraq as well as support ongoing assistance programmes.


The contribution highlights the longstanding engagement and importance the Government of Japan has placed in addressing the humanitarian needs of internally displaced and conflict-affected communities as well as refugees in Iraq, thereby alleviating suffering and working together towards long-term solutions.


In 2021, UNHCR Iraq’s priorities will be ensuring continued access to free health services through support to camp-based primary health care centers (PHCC), the supply of medications, referral of suspected COVID-19 cases for care, and the integration of camp PHCCs within the public health system. Access to documentation, residency permits, security clearance, birth, and marriage registration. Providing support to community-based child protection structures and to government ministries to strengthen child protection systems. Ensuring refugee protection and rights through the provision of legal counselling and assistance.


H.E. Mr. SUZUKI Kotaro, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Iraq, stated: “Japan had provided over USD 500 million as humanitarian assistance to the people affected by the crisis since 2014. Additionally, Japan has decided to provide a new assistance package for Iraq amounting to USD 50 million, including this project by UNHCR.” “I praise UNHCR for its work and determination to engage the extended and complicated humanitarian situation, even exacerbated by COVID-19.” “Japan is happy to assist their endeavour in Iraq, and I hope that the assistance will alleviate suffering of displaced persons, returnees and Syrian refugees in Iraq, including referral of suspected COVID-19 cases for care."


“Although considerable efforts have been made with regard to solutions for displaced populations, further intervention is required to support the Government of Iraq's efforts in reconciliation, reconstruction, and resumption of services. In areas of return, resilience-building, peaceful coexistence, and social cohesion programmes are required. With contributions from donors, including Japan, we can support those in need who may be experiencing difficulties accessing essential services and finding lasting solutions to their displacement,” said Philippa Candler, Representative of UNHCR in Iraq.


The Government of Japan is one of UNHCR’s most important contributors. Thanks to the generous contributions of Japan, thousands of IDPs, returnees and Syrian refugees in Iraq have benefited from enhanced assistance in past years.




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