PUK Politburo's statement on 30th anniversary of Kurdish uprising

5/3/2021 00:48:00

On Thursday, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Political Bureau issued a statement marking the 30th anniversary of the great uprising against the authoritarian and oppressive Baathist regime.


Tomorrow, Friday, the fifth of March, coincides with the anniversary of the uprising of the people of Kurdistan in 1991, against the dictatorship and tyranny that existed under the rule of the dissolved Baath Party.


"With the same enthusiasm, the days of the uprising against the Baathist dictatorship, and with a warm greeting, we offer you our congratulations and blessings on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the great uprising, which marched on the 5th of March, 1991, and from its gate, the good news of the total liberation of the oppressed people, and the celebrations that it held in the Kurdish cities," the statement said


"After three decades of the uprising, Kurdish society has witnessed great development and made important steps in the areas of strengthening political freedoms, the flourishing of organizational struggle, feminism and freedom of expression, as well as urban projects, economic and cultural development and remarkable progress at various levels, just as there are other achievements that should be achieved."


"The renewed Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, with its new leadership, stemming from the development of Kurdish society and the long experience of the late President Mam Jalal, this union is able to lead the new process and respond to the people's aspirations for further development of the joints of governance in Kurdistan towards the administrative and financial decentralization that provides a more worthy living situation for our people."


"The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, as a responsible and keen force, will continue the struggle relentlessly, to achieve the goals of the uprising that have not yet been achieved, and we believe that this road map is capable of achieving it, because it is compatible with the spirit of the uprising and the modern requirements of the Kurdistan society in the twenty-first century, and in this regard we call on all parties and militant forces for joint work and preparation for the upcoming tasks, and building a country worthy of a people who are selfless," the statement added.






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