PUK Official: Kurdistan Region President Must Protect Our Entity by Elections

P.U.K 01:01 PM - 2024-06-25
 Rizgar Haji Hama, head of the PUK's Election Bureau. PUKMEDIA

Rizgar Haji Hama, head of the PUK's Election Bureau.

PUK Kurdistan Kurdistan Parliament Elections

The head of the Election Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) confirmed that the PUK is determined to hold the elections this year, as the party has completed all necessary preparations, stating that the President of the Kurdistan Region should prioritise safeguarding Kurdistan's interests and resolving the legal and constitutional void by scheduling the elections.

Rizgar Haji Hama, head of the PUK's Election Bureau, told GK Channel: "We have fully prepared for the elections in all departments. During a meeting with PUK President Bafel Jalal Talabani, we stressed the importance of the Kurdistan Region's President choosing the same date proposed by the Electoral Commission, which is September 5th, for holding the elections. Postponing the elections would have negative consequences for the Kurdistan Region's structure and disrupts the democratic process, which would be detrimental to our Region."

"We support the involvement and readiness of all political entities and parties to actively engage in the electoral procedure, with the ultimate goal of serving the best interests of our country and our region," Hama stated.

Adding: "It is the responsibility of the President of the Kurdistan Region to protect the interests of Kurdistan and decide on the elections date in order to resolve the existing legal and constitutional gap... any further delay in holding the elections would result in a legal void, thereby jeopardising our entity," 

The head of the PUK's Election Bureau said that President Bafel's proposals align with the demands of the Kurdish people, which include the prompt holding of elections, an end to any more delays, prioritising national interests over party interests, and saving Kurdistan from these concerns.


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