Iraqi PM Dissolves Kirkuk Administration Advisory Board

Kurdistan 11:38 AM - 2024-06-25
 Kirkuk Provincial Council's building. PUKMEDIA

Kirkuk Provincial Council's building.

Kurdistan Kirkuk Iraq

Following dissatisfaction with the work of the Kirkuk Administrative Advisory Board, which the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has consistently opposed due to their unlawful actions, the Iraqi Prime Minister decided to abolish the board.

The work of the Board will be reviewed

Sabah Sheikh Habib, a member of the Iraqi parliament from the PUK faction, told PUKMEDIA that the Iraqi Prime Minister decided not only to terminate and disband the board, but also to thoroughly review its actions and decisions over the previous six years, which were solely supported by Kirkuk's acting governor.

The Iraqi Prime Minister dissolved the Kirkuk Administration Advisory Board, as per the request of the Iraqi Planning Minister and in compliance with Article 34 of the provincial law. According to Sabah Sheikh Habib, this action was taken following a thorough investigation by the government's previously established special committee.

The PUK was against the illegal actions of the board

The Advisory Board of the Kirkuk Administration oversaw the process of establishing, distributing land, and implementing projects in Kirkuk. The head of the board held the position of the second most powerful individual in the administration and enjoyed a tight and trusted relationship with the acting governor of Kirkuk.

"The board has engaged in multiple unlawful actions against the Kurds in Kirkuk, and the PUK has consistently opposed them through its representatives and filed several lawsuits against the board," Habib stated.

The Prime Minister's letter encompasses three decisions: the dissolution of the board, the establishment of an investigative committee to examine the decisions and signatures of the board, and the dismissal of the board's leader from involvement in state matters.

Injustices against the Kurds will not succeed

Ahmad Fatih, a member of the Kirkuk Provincial Council, told PUKMEDIA: "The acting governor heavily depended on this board, and now that support is no longer available. Officials in Baghdad, including the Iraqi Prime Minister, are determined to investigate and address all the signatures. Injustice against the Kurds the Kurds in Kirkuk will not succeed."


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