Over 12,000 Detainees Released by Iraqi President's Decision

Iraq 10:16 AM - 2024-06-25
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Over 12,000 detainees, whose sentences have either expired or been revoked, were released as a result of Iraqi President Abdullatif Jamal Rashid's decision.

The Iraqi Presidency issued a statement, a photo of which was sent to PUKMEDIA, that said: "To ensure the implementation of human rights standards in detention and arrest centres, and to expedite the investigation process and ensure fair treatment of detainees, and after receiving numerous complaints, the Presidency of the Republic has formed a committee which works under the direct instructions of President Abdullatif Jamal Rashid, includes representatives from the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministries of Interior and Justice, the Supreme Judicial Council, and the National Security Advisory."

The statement indicated that the committee has released over 12,000 detainees whose sentences have either expired or been nullified by the Court of Appeal.

The statement also emphasised the Iraqi President's unwavering commitment to work diligently in this area and spare no effort to strengthen the principles of the law and ensure its effective enforcement, which will secure a life of freedom and dignity for all individuals across Iraq, without any tolerance or bias.


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