26 Turkmen, Christian Candidates Compete to Win Quota Seat

Kurdistan 10:42 PM - 2024-06-23
 A voter's index finger and IHEC's logo. PUKMEDIA

A voter's index finger and IHEC's logo.

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Following the extension of the registration deadline, a total of 55 coalitions, parties, and candidates have officially registered to compete for seats in the upcoming sixth term of the Kurdistan legislative elections. This includes 25 candidates from the Turkmen and Christian communities who are competing for the quota seats.

Jumana al-Ghalai, the spokesperson for the Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC), reported to PUKMEDIA that the deadline for registration of coalitions, parties, and candidates for the sixth term of Kurdistan parliamentary elections was Today, June 23, 2024 and that since June 8, 2024, a total of 55 coalitions, parties, party candidates, and independent candidates have completed their registration.

“In Sulaymaniyah province, 2 parties, 8 general candidates, 5 Turkmen candidates and 1 Christian candidate have registered themselves. In Erbil, 2 coalitions, 13 parties, 9 Turkmen candidates, 7 Christian candidates and 9 general candidates have registered. In Duhok, 4 Christian candidates, 4 general candidates and 1 party have registered themselves,” Ghalai said.

Previously, 10 parties, 2 coalitions and 54 candidates had registered themselves, bringing the total to four coalitions, 26 parties, 101 independent candidates, party candidates and candidates from Turkmen and Christian communities.

IHEC Spokesperson: We are ready for the elections

On the setting of a new date for the sixth term of Kurdistan parliamentary elections, Ghalai said: "We are presently awaiting the issuance of a new decree that will establish a new date for the sixth term of the Kurdistan parliamentary elections. The IHEC has proposed September 5, 2024 to the Kurdistan Region's Presidency as a potential date for the elections."

“The date for the Kurdistan parliamentary elections should align with the legal timeframe of the Commissioners' Board because the Board's tenure will conclude on January 6, 2025, and the Kurdistan parliamentary elections must be conducted prior to the expiration of the IHEC's term and we are fully prepared to oversee the election," she said.


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