Kurdistan Region Sees 348 Wildfires in Four Days

Kurdistan 02:41 PM - 2024-06-21
 Fire in one of the mountains in Duhok. PUKMEDIA

Fire in one of the mountains in Duhok.

Kurdistan Duhok

Hundreds of dunams of natural forests have seen fire outbreaks in the Kurdistan Region as there has been 348 forest fire incidents during the Eid al-Adha holidays alone.

According to a statement by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Civil Defence, out of a total of 404 incidents, 348 were fires resulting from the burning of dry weeds and bushes, which inflicted significant harm on forests and farms of the local people.

Some of the fires were caused by the negligence of citizens

A source in the border and forest police told PUKMEDIA that the majority of the fires are a result of the carelessness of people who go on picnics and set open fires.

The source stated that strong winds contribute to the spread of forest fires, which are difficult to contain and result in significant harm to the forests and ecology of Kurdistan.

Turkish bombings are the cause of the fires in Duhok

Turkish bombings are the primary cause of forest fires in Duhok province.

A wildfire erupted in the forests of Mount Matina in Duhok province due to heavy Turkish bombardments, scorching vast areas of shrubs and natural forests, as the firemen struggled to contain the blaze due to the challenging terrain.


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