Iraqi President, Iranian Acting Foreign Minister Stress Enhancing Relations

Iraq 07:10 PM - 2024-06-14
 President Rashid & Iranian Acting Foreign Minister Iraqi President's media office

President Rashid & Iranian Acting Foreign Minister

Iran Iraq

Iraqi President Abdullatif Jamal Rashid, received Ali Bagheri, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, and his delegation at the Baghdad Palace, in the presence of Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein.

At the start of the meeting, the Acting Iranian Foreign Minister and his delegation expressed gratitude to President Rashid for attending the mourning ceremony for the recently deceased Iranian President and his companions who tragically died in a plane crash.

President Rashid expressed the Iraqi people's sympathy and support for the Islamic Republic of Iran during these challenging times. He commended the late President Ibrahim Raisi for his efforts in enhancing bilateral relations between the two nations. Additionally, he wished for a successful upcoming presidential election in Iran and the achievement of the Iranian people's aspirations for progress and prosperity.

President Rashid emphasised the strong and extensive relationship between the two countries, highlighting the need for collaborative efforts to enhance them. He highlighted the significance of cooperation in areas such as economy, trade, tourism, and energy, as well as the importance of coordinating and consulting on matters of mutual concern.

President Rashid discussed the security agreement between the two countries and its positive effects on strengthening border security and stability. The agreement aims to improve joint security efforts and Iraq's desire to establish balanced relationships with neighbouring countries and the international community. This aligns with Iraq's vision of promoting peace and stability in the surrounding area. 

The discussion also covered the recent events in Palestine. The President emphasised the urgency of implementing a ceasefire, safeguarding civilians, and preventing the escalation of the conflict in the surrounding area. President Rashid highlighted the potential severe consequences if the conflict were to spread further. Additionally, he acknowledged Iraq's support for the Palestinian people in their pursuit of their rightful self-determination and the establishment of an independent state on their national territory. 

For his part, Bagheri expressed his gratitude for the Iraqi President's interest in enhancing the relationship between the two countries. He emphasised Iran's eagerness to broaden cooperation with Iraq in different areas to fulfill the shared desire for advancement, prosperity, and the establishment of security and stability in the region.




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