PUK's Unchanged Stance on Elections Gives Hope to the People

P.U.K 01:31 PM - 2024-06-11
 PUK's logo, IHEC's logo, and a voter's hand. PUKMEDIA

PUK's logo, IHEC's logo, and a voter's hand.

PUK Kurdistan Elections

The President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) consistently upholds honesty in its message and advocates for the democratic rights of the people. The party has supports holding the sixth term of the Kurdistan parliamentary elections from the beginning, as it believes that doing so will enhance the safeguarding of the Kurdistan Region's structure.

According to a member of the PUK Leadership Council, the PUK has consistently supported the elections, distribution of parliamentary seats among different constituencies, and protected the rights of minority communities and this stance serves as a source of hope for the Kurdish people.

Elections will further guarantee the status of the Kurdistan Region


Firyal Abdullah, a member of the PUK Leadership Council, stated to PUKMEDIA: "Ever since the Kurdistan Parliament's term expired to now, the PUK has consistently maintained its stance on conducting elections and has diligently worked towards implementing the democratic process as that is the wishe of the Kurdish people. It has never been a barrier to holding the elections. On the contrary, it holds the belief that the democratic process can enhance the assurance of the Kurdistan Region's status."

"The PUK has consistently advocated for the rights of the people and has made numerous sacrifices in pursuit of this objective. Since the beginning, the PUK has strived to ensure that parties in parliament are represented proportionally based on their achievements, unlike the previous system when one party had a fixed 11 seats while the others had none prior to holding the elections," Abdullah said.

The PUK Leadership member added: "Distributing the parliamentary seats among the constituencies was requested by the PUK in order to ensure that voters can elect their genuine representatives and protect their rights. Similarly, the distribution of seats for minority communities among the provinces was also requested by the PUK with the goal of enabling these communities to send their true representatives to parliament."

The PUK is the hope of the people

The PUK has always been the hope of the Kurdish people because it has sincerely tried to hold the Kurdistan parliamentary elections, which are a democratic right of the people of the Kurdistan Region.

PUK Leadership Member Luqman Wardi told PUKMEDIA that "The PUK has consistently been honest in its messages and with the Kurdish people, advocating for holing the elections since the very start. The PUK has consistently defended this democratic right of voters. The PUK is the only party that has become hope for the people of Kurdistan."


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