Iraqi President: Our Goal is to Bolster Iraq's Peace and Stability

Iraq 12:35 PM - 2024-06-06
President Rashid during his interview with RT Iraqi President's media office

President Rashid during his interview with RT

Iraqi President Iraq

Dr. Abdullatif Jamal Rashid, the President of the Republic of Iraq, stated that Iraq has undergone a significant change following the end of violent conflicts and terrorism. He also mentioned that currently there is a state of security stability, allowing people to freely live without fear, and that the achievement of peace and security in Iraq has now become a reality.

President Rashid stated during an interview with RT: "Our aim is to bolster and increase peace and stability in Iraq. Additionally, we maintain positive relations with neighbouring countries and the global community. We frequently host foreign delegations who have recognised the significant transformation of the situation in Iraq."

"Since the end of violence and terrorism, Iraq has undergone a tremendous transition. Currently, we are observing a state of security and stability in Iraq, where people are freely moving about without any fear or concern. The situation has resulted in the establishment of peace and security, which is now a tangible reality," he added.

He stated that Iraq is home to a variety of sects, diverse nationalities, and political plurality. "These groups engage in discussion to promote the future of the country. Regular elections are conducted to establish federal and local governments, following a democratic procedure."

President Rashid stated, "The relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government is characterised by full cooperation," highlighting the two sides' ties.

He warned that the presence of ISIS families and their relatives in refugee camps poses a concern not only currently but also in the future. "Our security services are actively addressing this issue and giving it due attention."

While speaking about Iraq's relations with Iran, President Rashid said: "Iran is a key neighbour to Iraq, and our relationship is positive, robust, and growing in a variety of areas."

Regarding relations with the US, he said: "We maintain a positive relationship with the US and hold it in high regard. The international coalition's participation is based on a mutual agreement, which is periodically reassessed in light of the prevailing conditions. Presently, Iraq is capable of independently ensuring its own security."

He further said: "We appreciate the US and the international coalition's efforts in fighting terrorism and providing training. Their presence or departure from the country will be determined by reaching a timely agreement through consultation with all political forces, the Iraqi parliament, and government institutions."

President Rashid also spoke about current relations with Russia and said that the historical alliance between Iraq and Russia, formerly with the Soviet Union and currently with Russia, has consistently been positive. "We aim to enhance this alliance and take advantage of Russia's expertise in revitalising infrastructure, the energy industry, water and irrigation systems, and various other aspects of life. Additionally, we seek to benefit from Russia's rich cultural heritage," he added.

Moreover, President Rashid emphasised the importance of allowing the Palestinian people the right to complete self-determination and acknowledging the State of Palestine.

He stated: "We vehemently denounce the massacre of the Palestinian people and urgently call for an immediate cessation of the war and the supply of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people. It is the duty of the international community to exert greater pressure in order to acknowledge the Palestinians' right to self-determination. The ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people must cease now."




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