DPM Talabani Calls on India to Provide Scholarships for Kurdistan Region's Students

Kurdistan 09:12 PM - 2024-06-04
DPM's meeting with Indian Ambassador Deputy Prime Minister's media office

DPM's meeting with Indian Ambassador

Kurdistan Region India

On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani held a meeting with Prashant Bisai, the Indian Ambassador to Iraq, to discuss strategies for enhancing academic collaboration between the Kurdistan Region and India.

At the meeting, Daban Shadala, Deputy Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government's Foreign Relations Department, attended. The Deputy Prime Minister praised India's endeavours to ensure the success of the International Forum for Creativity in Sulaymaniyah and called for ongoing support in the future.

During the meeting, Qubad Talabani discussed his vision and the government's plans to enhance the skills of talented young individuals in technology and entrepreneurship. He emphasised that there is a significant number of creative youth in Kurdistan who are eager to contribute to the Region's development and reconstruction through innovative ideas.

The Deputy Prime Minister urged India to assist the Kurdistan Region in enhancing the skills and capacities of its young people, recognising India as an advanced nation in the domains of technology and innovation.

The Deputy Prime Minister also engaged in discussions with the Indian Ambassador regarding the enhancement of academic ties between universities in the Kurdistan Region and India. Talabani expressed gratitude to the Indian government for granting 50 scholarships for master's and doctorate degrees to students from the Kurdistan Region. He also advocated for the provision of additional scholarships in the future for students from the Kurdistan Region.



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