DPM Talabani: I Believe in Women's Abilities & Strength 

Kurdistan 01:58 PM - 2024-06-03
DPM Qubad Talabani Deputy Prime Minister's media office

DPM Qubad Talabani

Women Qubad Talabani Kurdistan Region

Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani was present at a ceremony honouring 200 women who took part in a training course focused on enhancing their economic capabilities.
Attending the ceremony, which took place in Erbil, were the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, and a number of other government and organisational officials, according to a press statement by the Deputy Prime Minister's Media office.

The Deputy Prime Minister's Media Office stated that this initiative is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Its objective is to enhance the capabilities of 200 unemployed women agricultural graduates, enabling them to eventually participate in the food industry market.

Qubad Talabani emphasises the need to prioritise sectors beyond oil and gas

Qubad Talabani, the Deputy Prime Minister, gave a speech during the event, expressing: "This step can serve as an initial measure to enhance, broaden, and cultivate the economy of the Kurdistan Region through agriculture. Over the past two years, we have also discussed the importance of achieving balanced growth in both actions and words as a means of fortifying our economy."

"I have faith in the abilities and strength of women," he explained, "Women and girls from all around the Kurdistan Region are involved in the project because, without utilising our women's skills for professional development initiatives, we cannot hope to have a robust economy."

"We should refrain from allocating our entire budget and exerting excessive pressure solely on the cities. It is imperative that we allocate greater focus to all parts of Kurdistan. It is also important that we focus on improving education, higher education, health, and agriculture, in addition to oil and gas," he added.

Agriculture Minister: Qubad Talabani has been a great assistance to us

Begard Talabani, the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, stated: "Since assuming the position of minister, Qubad Talabani has provided significant assistance to me and our ministry, demonstrating a keen focus on water resources and the agricultural capabilities of the Region's farmers."

"In the near future, the 200 women will receive formal authorisation to involve additional individuals in the project," she added.

She also said: "The agricultural industry in the Region has had significant advancements, and we will systematically enhance the Region's revenue through agriculture." 

UNDP Representative: We appreciate the Region's focus on women's abilities

In a speech, the UNDP Representative expressed gratitude for the recognition of women's capabilities in the Region and emphasised that women are showcasing their abilities in an academic manner, which presents a valuable potential for the economic development of the Region.

USAID Representative: I have heard a lot about women's skills in Kurdistan

The USAID Representative also delivered a speech at the event expressing gratitude for the role and capabilities of women. "I have heard a lot about the capabilities of the Kurdistan Region's women, and today I personally witnessed their abilities. Women will demonstrate their academic abilities in this way, and in addition to assisting women, this project also supports local farmers."




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