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Reports 12:17 PM - 2024-05-30

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From its establishment, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has strongly advocated for the active involvement and empowerment of women in the new revolution. Women played crucial roles in the political and military struggle during the Mountain period. Women also made significant contributions during the period of civil governance that followed the March 1991 uprising and the formation of the regional parliament and government.  

During the fifth congress of the PUK, a provision was made in the party's bylaws to ensure that women have a 25% representation in all levels and departments. Furthermore, it was decided that any member of the PUK who engages in violence against women will face punishment.


Rabiha Hamad: PUK is committed to upholding women's rights

Rabiha Hamad, a member of the PUK's Leadership Council, stated to PUKMEDIA that the PUK has effectively safeguarded the rights of women and youth in comparison to other political parties in Kurdistan and Iraq. "The PUK has also provided women with opportunities to actively participate in various party institutions throughout the entire struggle. Selecting Mrs. Hero Ibrahim Ahmed as a symbol of the PUK demonstrates the PUK's recognition and admiration for the efforts of female activists," she added.

Ms. Rabiha stated that the PUK, established by the late President Mam Jalal and currently led by President Bafel Jalal Talabani, is committed to upholding women's rights. With this perspective, the party facilitated the inclusion of women in the Parliament of Kurdistan and the inaugural cabinet of the regional administration.
She also mentioned: "In Baghdad, following the fall of the regime, the PUK designated the first female leader of a parliamentary team, as well as assigning women to positions of authority in the parliament, municipal councils, and universities."


PUK's internal regulations include gender equality provisions

The PUK's bylaws and programme explicitly address the rights of women and provide penalties for individuals who perpetrate abuse and violence against women.

The programme and bylaws of the PUK affirm its commitment to gender equality, empowering women, creating suitable employment opportunities, facilitating women's active participation in politics and decision-making, and ensuring gender balance in PUK institutions and positions. 

The programme and bylaws stipulate that any member of the PUK, regardless of their party or governmental position, will have their membership suspended if they utilise their position to perpetrate acts of violence against women. This suspension will occur once the accusation against the member is substantiated and evidence of their misconduct is provided.


PUK gives various leadership roles to women 


The PUK has actively promoted gender equality by offering numerous high-ranking positions to women within its party institutions, as well as advocating for their rights in government and parliament. President Bafel Jalal Talabani fully supports this inclusive vision.
In a statement to PUKMEDIA, Firyal Abdullah, a member of the PUK's Leadership Council, highlighted that the PUK has allocated diverse roles for women across its organs and institutions. This is in addition to the ongoing commitment of President Bafel Jalal Talabani and Qubad Talabani to support women. 

She stated: "During mountain struggle, women performed a significant role in conjunction with the Peshmerga forces. They performed secret and sensitive missions for city organisations. Currently, women are effectively delivering exceptional services to achieve the goals of the PUK and Kurds."

Since its establishment, the PUK has consistently prioritised safeguarding women's rights. President Mam Jalal played a crucial role in strengthening these rights, and President Bafel Jalal Talabani continues to support women while taking action against those who violate their rights or engage in violence towards them.


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