DPM Talabani: We Aim to Enhance Our Youth's Capabilities

Kurdistan 08:30 PM - 2024-05-29
 DPM & South Korean Ambassador Deputy Prime Minister's media office

DPM & South Korean Ambassador

Qubad Talabani Germany Korea

Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani met with South Korea's Ambassador to Iraq, Choi Sung-soo, to discuss the implementation of e-government and various other matters.

During the meeting in Erbil on Wednesday, the Deputy Prime Minister expressed gratitude to South Korea for their support to the Kurdistan Region. The Deputy Prime Minister also expressed the hope that South Korea would continue to provide help, particularly in the areas of sharing information and expertise in e-government.

The South Korean Ambassador reaffirmed the country's backing for the Kurdistan Region and conveyed his willingness to aid in the implementation of e-government.

In this context, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasised that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has made significant progress in digitalizing government institutions in recent years, thanks to the contributions of talented and innovative Kurdish youth. However, he acknowledged the need for assistance from a technologically advanced country like South Korea.

During the discussion, Talabani highlighted the presence of highly skilled and creative Kurdish young in the domains of technology and entrepreneurship. He highlighted: "Our strategy and aim is to enhance the capabilities of our innovative youth and engage them in devising intelligent solutions to diverse problems."
At the end of their discussion, the Deputy Prime Minister urged South Korea to support the Kurdistan Region in enhancing the capabilities of its talented young individuals.


Talabani also meets German Deputy CG

Additionally, Deputy Prime Minister Talabani held a meeting with Benjamin Hanna, the German Deputy Consul General in the Kurdistan Region. The discussion focused on the Kurdistan parliamentary elections, the resumption of oil exports, and various other matters of shared concern.

During the meeting convened in Erbil, the Deputy Prime Minister said: "We emphasise our utmost dedication to conducting elections as soon as possible within the current year."

Regarding the quota seats, Talabani stated that they will advocate for the rights of every community without any kind of discrimination. "While we have never opposed the inclusion of the quota seats of the minorities, our primary goal and endeavour are to ensure that they can be truly represented in the Kurdistan parliament," he stated.

During the meeting, the resumption of oil exports and the budget issue were discussed. He emphasised that the KRG is prepared to resume oil exports and will not hinder the resumption of the process.

Talabani indicated that significant progress has been made in addressing the matter of budget and salaries for the employees of the Region. He expressed the readiness of a KRG team to visit Baghdad with the aim of reaching a conclusive agreement on the matters of salaries and budget.

The meeting concluded with a discussion on the building of a Kurdish-German university in Sulaymaniyah. Talabani affirmed the complete support and preparedness of the KRG to offer all that is needed for the establishment of the university.


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Kurdistan Region's Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani.

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