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P.U.K 11:15 AM - 2024-05-28

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Since it was founded, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has played a significant role as an influential political and governing power in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and internationally. Following the party's fifth congress, its influence and standing have significantly increased, allowing it to distance itself from internal issues and achieve unity.

PUK is united

Fawziya Nazir Sabir, a member of the PUK Leadership Council, told PUKMEDIA that the PUK is a powerful political and governmental force not only in the Kurdistan Region, but also in Iraq and around the world. 

"After successfully organising the fifth congress and electing a president, the PUK is now more united than ever and holds a significant and influential position in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and internationally," said Nazir.

The PUK serves as a shield, safeguarding the people's rights 
The PUK has consistently served as a source of optimism and guidance for the people of the Kurdistan Region. Following the fifth congress, the party has reemerged in the political sphere with a novel ideology and strategy that aligns with the present moment.

Pola Sirwan Talabani, a member of the PUK's Leadership Council, stated to PUKMEDIA: "The PUK was founded during a period of widespread despair that had engulfed the Kurdistan Region. It renewed hope among the Kurdish people, enabling them to initiate a fresh revolution."

He further said: "Simultaneously, the people of the Kurdistan Region perceive the PUK as a shield that safeguards their rights and realises their goals. Following the fifth congress, a resolute and unified PUK reemerged in the political sphere. PUK President Bafel Jalal Talabani has significantly contributed to this matter, and the PUK is presently fighting with a concept and strategy that is well-suited for the contemporary era." 

PUK has become the saviour of the Kurdish people 

Since its founding, the PUK has always pursued democracy and advocated for the rights of the people. thereby earning the reputation as the saviour of the Kurdish people.

Khider Mustafa, a member of the PUK's Leadership Council, stated to PUKMEDIA: "The PUK has been actively advocating for democracy and the rights of its people since its founding. Following a decade of financial turmoil, the PUK has emerged as the saviour of the Kurdish people, thereby putting an end to that crisis.

In his statement, he asserted that the PUK currently holds a more influential position in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and the region as a whole which has instilled a sense of optimism among the Kurdish people across all four parts of Kurdistan. 

"The Kurdish People's expectations from the PUK poses a greater challenge, pushing  to become a staunch advocate for their rights and to strive to ensure a satisfactory standard of living for them," Mustafa added.

The PUK was established on June 1, 1076, during a significant political upheaval, offering a glimmer of hope to the Kurdish people. Since its founding, it has established and maintained its values based on democracy. Following the conclusion of the PUK's fifth congress on September 27, 2023, and the election of Bafel Jalal Talabani as the President of the PUK, the political landscape regained hope, stability, and a renewed vigour, characterised by great achievements and dedication.


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