Europe's Most Wanted Human Trafficker Arrested in Sulaymaniyah

Kurdistan 04:08 PM - 2024-05-13
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The Kurdistan Region's Security Agency (Asayish) announced the arrest of a major human trafficking suspect wanted by the International Police (Interpol).

The suspect identified as (B. K. M.), also known as the Scorpion, was arrested on May 12, 2024, based on a judicial order requested by Interpol, as reported in an official statement from Asayish.

A source from the Sulaymaniyah Asayish Forces, who declined to be named, told PUKMEDIA that the suspect was apprehended as a result of intelligence gathered, and then handed over to the authorities following an inquiry.

Based on PUKMEDIA's investigation, the individual referred to as the Scorpion is a wanted fugitive by Interpol. He stands accused of smuggling thousands of illegal migrants to the United Kingdom through various means.


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