Qubad Talabani: President Mam Jalal Belonged to All Kurds, Iraqis

Kurdistan 09:49 AM - 2023-10-03
 Late President Mam Jalal. PUKMEDIA

Late President Mam Jalal.

Qubad Talabani President Mam Jalal

On Monday, October 2, 2023, in remembrance of his late father, Qubad Talabani published a message stating, "Presidents and leaders like President Mam Jalal are extremely rare and uncommon."

Qubad Talabani's message read:

Each nation's history books will feature accounts of presidents, leaders, and guides who were instrumental in the nation's rise to prominence. Nonetheless, the scarcity of legendary and exceptional leaders like President Mam Jalal is reflected in world history books as well as national ones. Presidents and leaders of the caliber of President Mam Jalal are exceedingly rare. The political legacy left by these leaders is so enduring that even their opponents respect them. Undoubtedly, future generations will be discussing their remarkable qualities, tireless efforts, political acumen, and extensive knowledge.

President Mam Jalal was indeed the founder, president, and leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), yet he belonged to all Kurds.

Although President Mam Jalal fought for the Kurds for over 60 years, he has since won the respect of all Iraqis for his effective solutions to their problems.

Despite being both the president of Iraq and the president of the Kurdish people, Mam Jalal is held in high regard by freedom fighters and supporters of democracy all over the world.

Mam was a unifying force who used his wisdom to successfully mediate and resolve the divergent opinions and apprehensions of various individuals, paving the way for reconciliation. He was a model of nonviolence and steadfastly pursued what was best for society.

As time passes, we realize the full extent of Mam's absence. The more severe the crises, conflicts, and political differences in Kurdistan and Iraq become, the more we appreciate Mam's wisdom and policy, and the way he has managed conflicts responsibly and foresightedly, preventing the deepening of conflicts between two or more political parties that would endanger people's lives and futures. When things seemed hopeless, Mam Jalal would always be there to offer a glimmer of optimism and help find a solution.

A renewed commitment to President Mam Jalal's path on the sixth anniversary of his death is the best way to honor him and show our loyalty. Understanding and working on his path demonstrates the highest level of loyalty. The success of this year's PUK 5th Congress is a testament to President Mam Jalal's leadership and is a fitting tribute to his character.

Your memory will always be in our hearts, and your path will always be in our minds.



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