Deputy Prime Minister Meets Turkish Foreign Minister

Kurdistan 09:00 PM - 2023-08-24
Deputy Prime Minister and Turkish Foreign Minister Photo Credit: Azhi Omar

Deputy Prime Minister and Turkish Foreign Minister

Qubad Talabani Türkiye

Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani met with Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan and discussed the Kurdistan Region's relations with Türkiye, as well as the Kurdistan Region's relations with Baghdad.

Daban Shadala, Deputy Head of the Foreign Relations Office, and Ahmed Mufti, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, were present at the meeting on Thursday in Erbil. Both sides acknowledged the importance of bolstering ties in a wide range of industries, particularly trade, and discussed the Kurdistan Region's relationship with Türkiye and the resolution of issues such as the Sulaymaniyah airport dispute. 

Issues between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region were discussed at length. Each side emphasized the importance of using negotiation and dialogue to resolve conflicts. Despite the approval of the budget law, Talabani stated that the issue of budget transmission has not been completely resolved. 

"The lack of unity among Kurdish parties has hampered the resolution of issues between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, particularly the budget issue," he explained. 

The discussion also touched on how to stop the spread of drugs, and all parties agreed that better coordination and collaboration between the relevant parties on both sides is required. 


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