PUK achieves remarkable success in securing people's rights

Reports 02:09 PM - 2023-06-11
 PUK logo and Iraqi Parliament. PUKMEDIA

PUK logo and Iraqi Parliament.

PUK Iraqi parliament

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) faction in the Iraqi Parliament succeeded in inserting a provision in Article 14 of the Iraqi budget bill requiring the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to prioritize employee salaries and disburse financial dues to governorates fairly and without discrimination.

The Iraqi Parliament approved Article 14 of the 2023 budget bill, which included the PUK's request to obligate the KRG to a fair distribution of the Kurdistan Region's share across the governorates to preserve the rights of people and employees.

The provision, which the PUK was successful in adding, states that the KRG is required to give priority to the payment of salaries of Kurdistan Region employees and retirees, as well as to fairly distribute the Kurdistan Region's governorates' shares by the standards established in this law; otherwise, the governorates may request direct payment from the Iraqi government.

Justice for the citizens

Harem Kamal Agha, head of the PUK faction, told PUKMEDIA: "The provision guarantees justice in the distribution of financial dues among the governorates of the Kurdistan Region."

"We emphasized the need for the KRG to prioritize employee salaries," he continued.


The added legal provision supports the rights of any objecting governorate

"The provision specifies that any governorate that objects to the mechanism for disbursing financial dues or has been subjected to injustice can seek justice from the federal government," Agha added.

He continued: "This is a natural thing; we demand balance and justice between the governorates, and we emphasize the importance of returning compulsory savings to employee salaries."


Ensure fair distribution of imports

"The PUK faction has been working for several months to include this provision, which ensures justice for any governorate subjected to injustice, and it also prioritizes salaries and equitably distributes financial obligations among all governorates," he added.


Restoring balance to the Kurdistan Region

MP Rashid stated, "Our relentless pursuit in the parliament was to ensure that any governorate subjected to injustice has the right to seek justice from the federal government."

He continued to state: "This provision was the PUK's initiative to restore balance to the Kurdistan Region, to guarantee the salaries and rights of citizens in all provinces, and to protect Sulaymaniyah from the injustice and prejudice it faces."


Legal text to do justice to the provinces

Former member of parliament Sherwan Mirza stated to PUKMEDIA: "The provision guarantees the salaries and rights of citizens in all governorates of the Kurdistan Region."

He added, "Contrary to rumors, this provision does not divide the Kurdistan region; rather, it protects the rights and livelihoods of citizens and ends injustice against the provinces of Sulaymaniyah and Halabja, as well as the administrations of Garmian and Raparin." 


Guaranteeing employees salaries 

Mirza stated: "This provision guarantees the salaries of Kurdistan Region employees," and
"It ensures that federal contributions are allocated to employee salaries first," he added.


It is not a division of the Kurdistan Region

Luqman Wardi, deputy head of the PUK faction in the Kurdistan Parliament, said: "The inclusion of this provision in the budget does not mean weakening the Kurdistan Region."

In the event of unfair treatment by the KRG, the governorate in question "may negotiate directly with the federal government to recover its financial dues," he explained.

As a result, he explained, "This provision is meant to achieve justice, improve citizens' standard of living, establish the rule of law, and guarantee citizens' rights and privileges." 



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