The second Sulaymaniyah Forum is scheduled to begin

Kurdistan 03:13 PM - 2023-06-08
The second Sulaymaniyah Forum begins and will last for three days PUKMEDIA

The second Sulaymaniyah Forum begins and will last for three days

Sulaymaniyah economy

High-ranking representatives of the Iraqi and Kurdish governments, as well as diplomats from all over the world, gathered for the second Sulaymaniyah Economic Forum's opening ceremony. The forum will feature presentations from five different discussion groups over three days. 

Dr. Haval Abubakr, governor of Sulaymaniyah, recently stated to the press: "We appreciate the initiative to hold the Economic Forum in Sulaymaniyah for the second time with the involvement of numerous companies. The forum will focus on economic issues, and there will be efforts to tackle them in front of prime minister representatives and Iraqi government officials." 

"This forum differs from the previous forum in that numerous job openings will be announced based on competence. We are happy that Sulaymaniyah has led the investment sector in the Kurdistan Region over the past two years, and we work to guarantee that our investments span various industries, not just residential buildings," he said. 

Dr. Abubakr added: "To further strengthen the province's economy, we are working to attract both domestic and foreign businesses to Sulaymaniyah, increase the number of available jobs, and boost the city's investment climate. We also want every family to have its own home, so we will offer a discount to any citizen who wants to buy a housing unit during the forum." 

"The forum will help lessen the financial crisis, and domestic investment can help the economy recover even more," he added. 

Besides tourism, archaeology, and religion, Sulaymaniyah also excels in the environment, health, and climate of both Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. Even in the agriculture sector, it is highly developed, producing the most wheat in Iraq this year, according to Dr. Abubakr. 

"Fortunately, statistics show that this province leads the nation in terms of personal freedom and freedom of expression, and it also has the lowest rates of unemployment and poverty. No investor in Sulaymaniyah has requested a bank loan for their projects, which demonstrates the excellent caliber of our investors and sets them apart from investors in Iraq," he added. 

The Grand Millennium Hotel will host the second Sulaymaniyah Economic Forum, which will span three days. The forum is open to everyone.  



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