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Reports 04:24 PM - 2023-06-05
 CTG logo and soldiers. PUKMEDIA

CTG logo and soldiers.


Over the course of a year, the Kurdistan Counter-Terrorism (CTG) forces in Sulaymaniyah carried out 435 separate operations, significantly contributing to the safety of the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and the surrounding area. That is why the President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) honored them and told them: "Together with our allies, we will continue to build up the CTG forces until they are a formidable shield protecting Kurdistan."

The CTG is a trusted national force in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and even around the world, and it is recognized as a young and capable force, with foreign backing and trips to the CTG headquarters growing.

President Bafel to CTG: Your history is full of pride

Bafel Jalal Talabani, President of the PUK, honored some CTG commanders in his latest meeting with them and said: "You, as the first counter-terrorism force in Kurdistan, have set a fine example as Kurdistan’s dedicated and hardworking military leaders. Your efforts to protect the peace and security of the region and its valued inhabitants are a testament to your dedication and perseverance."

President Bafel said, "By God, I will not handover my people to Erbil, and I want them to never expect that," in response to Erbil's unjustified attempts against some CTG commanders.

Iraq relies on CTG

Iraqi security forces have complete faith in and respect for the CTG because of its reputation as a strong, young, and capable force.
The success of the General Directorate of CTG has prompted efforts to expand its reach to all of Iraq's provinces, where it can collaborate with its allies and the Iraqi counter-terrorism force to stabilize the entire country.
Before this, the Iraqi counter-terrorism unit and Sulaymaniyah's CTG met multiple times to ensure more tranquility in disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad, and it was determined to increase coordination.

NATO supports CTG

The CTG Directorate in Sulaymaniyah coordinates daily operations with the international coalition and the anti-terrorist forces in Iraq. Even nations and organizations outside the Kurdistan Region respect the CTG in Sulaymaniyah due to its solid reputation for upholding peace and order. 
CTG's efforts are recognized as a model for combating terrorism on a global scale. Thus, Italian diplomatic and military delegations, including the Danish ambassador to Iraq, have previously visited the CTG.

"Our country, as a member of NATO, will provide more support to Kurdistan's CTG forces in the interest of peace and stability," said Danish Ambassador to Iraq Christian Thorning.

CTG is trusted by the people

The CTG is a source of national pride, and the PUK, the Kurdistan Armed Forces, and the Kurdish people all trust it.
According to PUKMEDIA's study, the CTG conducted 435 different operations in Sulaymaniyah in a year, in addition to their vital operations against terrorists, and caught and prosecuted numerous terrorists, establishing the CTG as a credible force in the eyes of the Kurdish people.

CTG's duty is to protect Kurdistan's territory

The CTG secured Erbil and Makhmur while their inhabitants evacuated to other locations due to the threat of the Islamic State (ISIS). However, the border authorities stood by and did nothing. 

A military expert in the Kurdistan Region explained the CTG's purpose to PUKMEDIA, saying, "The CTG is a national force that the people of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region trust." It is also globally respected, and its international relations are expanding daily." 

"As we have seen in Erbil, Makhmur, and even other parts of Kurdistan, whenever there was a threat to Kurdistan, the CTG was present there and dealt a devastating blow to the enemy, which is why the CTG's commander deserves the best awards," the military expert said.

CTG became operational with the help of the US and its allies

The Kurdistan CTG started operating with assistance from the United States and other allies twenty years ago. It comprises patriotic people from our region who are willing to sacrifice their lives one by one. Their martyrs in the war against terrorism attest to this reality.


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