PUK official appointed as undersecretary of Iraqi Oil Ministry

P.U.K 05:37 PM - 2023-01-29
Dr. Izzat Sabir Dr. Izzat Sabir Facebook

Dr. Izzat Sabir

Iraq KDP

Dr. Izzat Sabir, a member of the Leadership Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), has been appointed as undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

A ministerial decree names Dr. Sabir, a PUK Leadership Council member and economics and management specialist, as the undersecretary of the Iraqi Oil Ministry for matters relating to natural energy.

The PUK faction's representative to the fourth term of the Kurdistan Parliament, Dr. Sabir was born in Sulaymaniyah in 1973, holds a Ph.D. in economics, and is currently a member of the PUK Leadership Council.

Furthermore, two members of the PUK faction in the Iraqi parliament were given the positions of deputy chairs for two committees.

Karim Mala Shukur, a PUK faction member of the Iraqi parliament, has been chosen to serve as the Integrity Committee's second deputy chair.

Meanwhile, Sozan Mansour, also a PUK faction member of the Iraqi parliament, was chosen to serve as the Investment and Development Committee's first deputy chair.

Prepared by Hiran Halwan

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