Iraqi First Lady: Journalists should avoid political conflict

P.U.K 10:47 AM - 2023-01-26
 Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmad meets with several chief editors and journalists. Iraqi First Lady's Media office

Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmad meets with several chief editors and journalists.

Iraqi First Lady Journalists

The First Lady of Iraq, Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmad, has stated that sources, impartiality, and honesty are crucial to the work of journalists and the media.

In Sulaymaniyah Governorate, the First Lady of Iraq met with a number of editors, directors, and journalists to discuss press freedom, the work of genuine, professional media, and any difficulties they may have had. They underlined the need for everyone to uphold freedom and the journalistic sector.

Her statement that "journalists and channels should be honest in sharing information and news and rely on the truth and reputable sources" highlighted the crucial role that journalists and media professionals play in communicating accurate and true information.
"It is critical for the professional media to maintain objectivity and avoid becoming involved in political debates because political concerns and conflicts will eventually pass, but the cost of mistakes will be borne by the media," she added.

After giving some instances of mistakes, bias, and a lack of sources, Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmad stated that "unknown sources of news are negative and destructive to trust and honesty, and the value of media work cannot be ignored as an effective profession and an important field that requires accountability."

"We welcome any law bill that strengthens the freedom of work for journalists in the Kurdistan Region and provides them with information," the first lady of Iraq stated in a statement, reiterating her unwavering support for the media's unrestricted access to a variety of information sources. She advocated for the websites and pages to act as a source of factual and true information rather than promoting rumors and misleading information.

Translated from Kurdish by Besha Jawhar, additional editing by Zareena Younis

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