International Anti-Corruption Day: A PUK official honored with the honest figure award

P.U.K 12:20 PM - 2022-12-09
 Adnan Mufti on the right receiving the award

Adnan Mufti on the right receiving the award

The Honest Figure Award was presented by the Civil Society Organizations to one of the PUK's top leaders.

On Friday, December 9th, the Civil Society Organizations hosted a ceremony in Erbil to commemorate International Anti-Corruption Day and to recognize individuals with impeccable records who performed their tasks with honesty and integrity.

Adnan Mufti, a member of the PUK's Supreme Political and Interest Council, was one of those individuals who received the award for having an honorable character throughout his political and administrative career.

Mufti also served as the former Kurdistan Parliament's speaker.


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