Badinan detainees: Help us, we are about to die here

Kurdistan 11:26 PM - 2022-03-27

Badinan detainees have bad health conditions in prison, some of the detainees are infected with skin diseases, physically injured, With slogans "death or freedom" they have started a strike and are asking for help.

group of  Badinan detainees family said in a statement:

For public opinion

After more than a year and three months of abducting in an unlawful and unfair way, five Badinan detainees from shiladze have been on strike for food and their situation is very bad.

as a group of  Badinan detainees families, we publish their clarification and demand of prisoners to public opinion.

First: Since the beginning of our kidnapping, we were tortured severely by the security forces, and under threats, they confessed some crimes, they recorded and shared in the media.

Second: We will be fought with psychologically and will not be allowed to see our lawyers.

Third: During the interrogation, all our statements were changed, and then we had to sign so that we did not know what was written on us.

Fourth: Amjad Rekani has been on hunger strike for 20 days and we have been on hunger strike for three days, our health condition, especially Amjad's, is very bad.

From here we declare and demand from UN, local and international human rights organizations, media, parliamentarians, political parties, and all Kurdistan people to save us, our situation is very bad and we demand:

First: let's see our lawyers soon and the date of trial will be set.

Second: UN representatives and UNAMI look closely at our situation.

The name and day of the kidnapping of the activists who have not been sentenced.

Mahmood Naji Sadiq (activist ) .. Shiladze 9/12/2020
Kovan Tariq Gabriel (activist ) .. Shiladze 9/12/2020
Yusuf Sharif Ibrahim (activist ) .. Shiladze 9/12/2020
Amjad Yousif Mustafa (activist ) .. Shiladze 14/12/2020
Nechirvan Badi Haji (activist ) .. Shiladze 14/12/2020

For history and public opinion, we challenge that the detainees of Shiladze and Badinan don't have crime, and if there have a rule, they should be freed, only their crimes is different opinions, demonstrations, and civil struggle, so please don't make the issues of our region worse, Free them immediately.

Note: The prisoners of Badinan told us that if our case is not solved, we will continue strike until death.

group of  Badinan detainees family 


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