By order of Bafel Talabani, fuel distributed to schools and institutes in Penjwen district

Kurdistan 07:11 PM - 2021-12-08

By order of Bafel Jalal Talabani, fuel was distributed to the schools and institutes of the Penjwen District and its surrounding areas.

After a series of meetings between Bafel Talabani and a large number of representatives of university and institute students from Slemani, Halabja, Garmian, Raparin, Koya and Chamchamal, which lasted for dozens of hours, Bafel Talabani promised them to solve their problems and provide them with their needs.

After those meetings, a process was launched to solve the students' problems in all the regions, which included providing the students' basic needs of fuel and other supplies.

The process is continuing rapidly and extensively, and in this context, fuel has been distributed today to schools and institutes in the Penjwen district.



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