Ceremony for introducing a book written by late President Mam Jalal launched in Slemani

Books 02:54 PM - 2021-12-08

On Wednesday, a ceremony was held to introduce the book "Kurdistan and the Kurdish National Movement" of the late President Mam Jalal in Khak Hall in Slemani.

The ceremony was attended by Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed, a member of the  Political Bureau of the PUK, Stran Abdullah, The supervisor of the PUK's media office, and several members of the Leadership Committee.

The late President Mam Jalal wrote "Kurdistan and the Kurdish National Movement" in Arabic, and Khaled Majid Faraj translated it into Kurdish.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the Faraj referred to the role and personality of the late president, Mam Jalal, explaining, "Mam Jalal was not only a politician but an intellectual."

He pointed out that, during 2021, he translated two books of the late president, Mam Jalal, from Arabic into Kurdish. , "Which future? which democracy?" plus "Kurdistan and the Kurdish National Movement."

For his part, the politician Muhammad Sabir gave a speech and praised the role of the late president Mam Jalal, which he was a politician, fighter, and intellectual. Sabir affirmed that all descriptions were combined with the personality of Mam Jalal.

He also stressed that Mam Jalal's departure is a great loss, and his departure left a gap in politics, praising the efforts of the book's translator and its importance for Kurdish readers to gain more and benefit from the two books.

In the name of Mrs. Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, a wreath of flowers was presented to Khalid Majid Faraj.


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