53 chemical injured people of Halabja to receive treatment in Iran

Kurdistan 12:07 PM - 2021-11-29

On Monday, the General Directorate of Halabja Health announced the transfer of 53 affected people by chemical weapons for treatment in Iran.

The directorate said, "53 people who were affected by banned chemical weapons will be transferred to Iranian hospitals to receive needed treatment."

"The injured will be transferred in the following days after referring to the Chemical Weapons Victims Treatment Hospital in the city of Halabja," the directorate added.

Saddam Hussein's regime committed the largest genocide against the Iraqi Kurds in 1988, which was one of the most systematic mass killings.

On March 16, 1988, a sustained chemical attack was launched on Halabja, where roughly 5 thousand civilians died, and many more thousands were seriously injured.


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