Bafel Talabani stresses need for cooperation between Kurdistan, Sweden

P.U.K 09:42 PM - 2021-10-24

On Sunday, Bafel Talabani, the co-President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, received Jonas Lofven, the Swedish ambassador to Iraq.

During their meeting, both sides shared their opinions on the formation of the new Iraqi government, the position of the Kurdistan Region between the Kurdish political forces and parties, and the strengthening of relations, especially in economy and education.

Bafel Talabani emphasized expanding cooperation and coordination between the Kurdistan Region and Sweden, expressing support and facilitation by the PUK so that traders in Sweden can help in the economic sector and participate in the development of the Kurdistan Region.

Regarding the educational process, Talabani suggested formulating a joint educational project to benefit from the advanced experiences and expertise of Sweden and to be supportive of developing the education sector in the Kurdistan Region and supporting the youth and students for improving the society and putting them in the labor market to provide job opportunities for them.

Moreover, Bafel Talabani explained the program and policy of PUK for the current stage in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Talabani stressed a peaceful and political solution to problems, resorting to dialogue and discussion and considering higher interests.

He stated, "the citizen is the force factor to overcome crises,"
declaring that PUK insists on uniting efforts to form a new Iraqi government based on common interest and service provision and responding to the demands of all nationalities and religions.


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