Bafel Talabani condemns terrorist attack on Sadr City

P.U.K 11:01 AM - 2021-07-20


On Tuesday, Bafel Talabani, the Co-President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, issued a statement, condemning the terrorist attack that targeted civilians in Sadr City in Baghdad. 


The statement is as follows:


We extend our deepest condolences to the victims of the terrorist act in the Sadr area of ​​Baghdad, and we wish a speedy recovery to the wounded. We strongly condemn this inhumane act.


These events are evidence of the persistence of terrorist threats and it is necessary to unite our ranks to solve the outstanding problems, and that cooperation between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi forces is necessary to overcome security problems and restore security and stability in the country.


In this regard, we assure the readiness of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to support and coordinate to confront the remnants of the terrorist organization ISIS and to reach a constructive national dialogue for the sake of political and social stability for all Iraqi people.


We hope that security and stability prevail in our country.





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