President Mam Jalal's Death to Be Commemorated in Baghdad, Najaf

Kurdistan 03:44 PM - 2023-09-23
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President Mam Jalal

The commemoration of President Mam Jalal's death anniversary will feature a series of activities that deviate from previous years. The celebration will commence with the ceremonial placement of a floral wreath on President Mam Jalal's grave in Sulaymaniyah and will culminate in a variety of events taking place in Najaf.

Ambassador Dr. Mohammed Sabir, President of President Jalal Talabani Foundation, told PUKMEDIA: "The preparations for the commemoration of the death anniversary of President Mam Jalal have been concluded. The commemorative events will take place in Sulaymaniyah, Baghdad, and Najaf. Additionally, on October 10, a brief film depicting the life of President Mam Jalal will be presented in Sulaymaniyah."

"On October 3, a commemorative ceremony will be held in line with President Mam Jalal's death anniversary and the event will commence with the placement of a wreath on President Mam Jalal's grave, organized by the Secretariat of President Mam Jalal," He stated. "Subsequently, at 4 pm on the same day, a significant ceremony will be conducted in Baghdad. This event will be overseen by the Iraqi president and attended by various Iraqi leaders." 

Dr. Sabir also said that President Jalal Talabani Foundation and Bahr al-Uloom Foundation are scheduled to organize multiple panels on October 4th in Najaf, adding that these panels will feature the presentation of various studies focused on President Mam Jalal.


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