Qubad Talabani: India Has a Wealth of Knowledge and Expertise

Kurdistan 10:34 AM - 2023-08-23
Deputy Prime Minister receives Indian Ambassador and CG Deputy Prime Minister's media office

Deputy Prime Minister receives Indian Ambassador and CG

India Qubad Talabani

Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region Qubad Talabani received Indian Ambassador to Iraq Prashant Pise and discussed several topics of mutual interest.

Qubad Talabani began the meeting in Erbil on Tuesday by congratulating Madan Gopal, the newly appointed Consul General of India in the Kurdistan Region. Talabani wished Gopal success in his new position.

One of the meeting's topics was how to develop the capacity development program. In this context, Talabani thanked the Indian government for facilitating training courses for 60 Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) employees within their country. He hoped for the expansion and improvement of this program, intending to send a larger number of employees to India for training in various fields in the future.

During the discussion about the transition to electronic government, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that India has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that could be used to help Kurdistan. He advocated for the implementation of a collaborative strategy that would involve either sending young people to India for technology training or the Indian government sending experts to the Region.

In addition, they discussed strategies for expanding trade relations. In this context, Talabani expressed the KRG's willingness to accommodate Indian companies and investors by providing them with a variety of forms of assistance.




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