DPM Talabani: Issue of Security Forces' Salaries are Addressed

Kurdistan 02:24 PM - 2024-05-23
 Deputy Prime Minister PUKMEDIA

Deputy Prime Minister

Kurdistan Region

The Deputy Prime Minister announced that an agreement has been reached about the submission of a list including the names of the security forces and that the problem of salaries has been successfully settled. He added that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has no objection to sending non-oil revenues to Iraq.

During a press conference, Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani announced that the matter of security forces' salaries has been successfully settled. Additionally, he stated that an agreement has been made to submit the list of names of the security forces.

"When comparing the present circumstances to those of last year, it is evident that the relations between the KRG have significantly improved, with a strong accord and mutual understanding in place," he added.

Talabani also stated, "We hope that this will greatly benefit the people of the Kurdistan Region." In addition, the KRG does not oppose transferring non-oil revenues to Iraq."


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