IHEC Provides 5 Parliamentary Seats for Kurdistan's Minorities

Kurdistan 11:02 AM - 2024-05-21
 Kurdistan Parliament and IHEC's logo. PUKMEDIA

Kurdistan Parliament and IHEC's logo.

The Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) declared that out of the 100 seats in the sixth term of the Kurdistan Parliament, five seats will be specifically allocated for minority communities.

"Out of the five seats, two are allocated for the Sulaymaniyah province, two for Erbil, and one for Duhok," stated IHEC Spokesperson Jumana al-Ghalai told PUKMEDIA.

"There are two seats allocated for Christians and Turkmens in Sulaymaniyah province, two seats for Christians and Turkmens in Erbil province, and one seat for Christians in Duhok province," stated Ghalai.

The Kurdistan Parliament formerly consisted of 111 seats, with eleven of them designated as quota seats specifically reserved for minority communities. The Federal Court of Iraq eliminated the reserved seats and mandated the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) of Iraq to oversee the next elections in the Kurdistan Region, which are set to take place on June 10, 2024.

The Commission is bound by the Judicial Board’s decision

Ghalai additionally said that the IHEC's Board of Commissioners will convene to deliberate on the Judicial Board's decision to resume the processes for the Kurdistan parliamentary elections, and will adhere to the Judicial Board's directive to resume those operations.

"The decision made by the Judicial Board has a legally binding effect on the IHEC, therefore the IHEC will undoubtedly respond to it and carry out its implementation," she stated.

Holding elections on time

Regarding holding election on time, Ghalai emphasised that the IHEC will discuss the matter of conducting the Kurdistan parliamentary elections on schedule as certain procedural delays may impact the commission's timetable but the ultimate decision lies with the Board of Commissioners.




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