Reporters Organization: Shakar Star was Arrested on Prosecutor General's Orders

Kurdistan 03:21 PM - 2024-05-20
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The Reporters Organization for Rights & Development issued a statement clarifying that Shakar Star is not affiliated with the Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate. It further stated that he has been arrested and is currently under investigation pursuant to Article 226 of the Iraqi Penal Code, as per the request of the Prosecutor General.

Hozan Qair, the Supervisor of the Reporters Organisation for Rights and Development, told PUKMEDIA about Shakar Star's arrest: "According to our investigation, it was discovered that Shakar Star had made derogatory remarks about the people of Sulaymaniyah and falsely asserted that the security situation in Sulaymaniyah had worsened on multiple occasions, which prompted the Prosecutor General to intervene and issue an order for his arrest, which was subsequently carried out."

"Furthermore, we contacted Tiwar News (where Star allegedly worked) and obtained detailed information about their five additional staff members who are currently residing in Sulaymaniyah without difficulty," he said.

"Shakar Star is currently in custody under Article 226 of the Iraqi Penal Code and is being investigated. He is not a member of the Journalists Syndicate and has not been officially registered as a journalist," Qadir stated.

The Kurdistan Region's Security Agency (Asayish) has announced the arrest of suspect Sh. A. M. (Shakar Star) for fabricating and uploading a series of deceptive reports to an unauthorised page. 

According to the statement, Star has made numerous unfounded and deceptive allegations against the Asayish Agency in his reports with the intention of causing public confusion, worry, and anxiety.


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