Ziad Jabar: Kurdistan Region Needs Effective Government & Parliament

Interviews 02:56 PM - 2024-05-02
 Ziad Jabar PUKMEDIA

Ziad Jabar


The Head of the Sulaymaniyah Headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) states: "In the event that the elections are delayed for any reason, the PUK will initiate legal proceedings against it in both the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. This is because we cannot tolerate an interim administration and a non-functioning legislative body any longer. We firmly believe that the Region needs an effective government and parliament."

Kurdistan Region's institutions must be reactivated

Ziad Jabar, Head of PUK's Sulaymaniyah headquarters, told PUKMEDIA: "The Political Bureau has reiterated its commitment to holding the upcoming parliamentary elections on the date set by the Kurdistan Region Presidency. The Kurdistan Region has experienced a prolonged period without a functioning legislature, and the current government is temporary. Therefore, it is imperative that the region promptly reactivate its institutions, a process that can be achieved through the conduct of elections."

"Any political party that attempts to delay the elections will bear the responsibility for undermining the regional structure, whereas the PUK will stay away from engaging in any attempts or gatherings with the intention of postponing the elections." In the event of an unlawful attempt to delay the elections, the PUK would firmly seek legal action inside the Kurdistan Region and Iraq," he added.

The PUK attempts to create consensus among the parties

"Our consistent effort has been to establish a consensus among Kurdish political parties regarding matters of national importance, with the aim of serving the people. In the context of elections, it is crucial for all parties to actively participate and come to an agreement regarding the conduct of the elections," ZiadJabar said.

He further said: "The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) seeks to postpone the parliamentary elections, while the PUK has consistently sought to conduct elections. The PUK did not initiate the issuance of four decrees setting the election date and three subsequent postponements.

All parties except the KDP want elections

Ziad Jabar also said: "With the exception of the KDP, all Kurdish parties support elections because we think that the Region will hold free and fair elections following the rulings of the Federal Court and the Independent High Electoral Commission's handling of the Kurdistan parliamentary elections."

"The law is outdated, and over the past three decades, a political party has manipulated the law to its advantage, utilising the seats of the communities in parliament to address national matters in its own self-interest, he added. "The PUK is diligently striving to align the Kurdistan Region with real democracy and regards the law as the ultimate authority.”

Ziad Jabar concluded the interview by stating that Iraqi parties and all the Kurdish parties, with the exception of the KDP, are in favour of conducting parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan Region. International support also exists for the reactivation of the legal institutions in the Kurdistan Region, but elections are the only way to make this happen.




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