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P.U.K 10:11 AM - 2024-04-22
 Kurdistan Newspaper and Miqdad Medhat Badrkhan. PUKMEDIA

Kurdistan Newspaper and Miqdad Medhat Badrkhan.

PUK Kurdistan Journalists

The Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) published a message to all journalists on Kurdish Journalism Day and the 126th anniversary of publishing the first issue of Kurdistan Newspaper, the first Kurdish newspaper.

The message of the Political Bureau said:
On the 126th anniversary of the publication of the first issue of Kurdistan Newspaper by the exiled intellectual Miqdad Medhat Badirkhan, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all Kurdish journalists in Kurdistan and around the globe who are committed to serving the Kurdish community through media and promoting the ideals of freedom and democracy.

The first publication of the first Kurdish newspaper on April 22, 1898, marked the commencement of a fresh chapter in the struggle to advocate for the rights of our people.

The PUK will persist in President Mam Jalal's path and approach of offering both sustenance and freedom to intellectuals and journalists. Wherever the PUK has been, this approach has consistently created a more expansive environment of freedom.

We reaffirm our unwavering support for all Kurdish journalists in their entitlement to obtain precise information and enhance the realm of freedom for them across Kurdistan.

The role of the media in Kurdish society is a public service that deserves commendation and recognition rather than the censorship of news and information, which is a fundamental right of public opinion.

Political Bureau
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan


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