DPM Talabani: Elections Should No Longer Be Delayed

Kurdistan 01:42 PM - 2024-04-02
 DPM Qubad Talabani on the right and French Consul Yann Braem on the left. Qubad Talabani's Media

DPM Qubad Talabani on the right and French Consul Yann Braem on the left.

Kurdistan Region Qubad Talabani France

Qubad Talabani, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, held a meeting with Yann Braem, the French Consul General in the Kurdistan Region, and discussed the upcoming Kurdistan parliamentary elections, strategies for economic development in the region, and various other matters.

During the meeting convened on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, in Erbil, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasised the significance of conducting transparent and equitable elections on the scheduled date determined by the presidency. Furthermore, he asserted that any further postponement of the elections should be avoided.

They also engaged in a discussion of the economic condition and strategies for fostering economic growth in the Kurdistan Region. DPM Talabani mentioned the strategy to enhance the private sector as part of their approach. 

"We will implement all requisite actions to streamline processes for investors in the private sector, particularly in the domains of industry, agriculture, and tourism," he said.

The Deputy Prime Minister stated that efforts are being made to promote investment in the districts and sub-districts, with the aim of encouraging investors. 

"Lack of balanced development across various cities and regions hinders the establishment of a robust economic infrastructure and prevents genuine progress," he stated.

DPM Talabani, expressed gratitude to the French government for their aid to the Kurdistan Region at various points in time. Furthermore, he urged the French government to offer guidance to the Kurdistan Region in the future, namely in the realm of economic advancement.


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