First Lady to Women Journalists: Women Should Support One Another

Kurdistan 10:23 AM - 2024-03-28
Iraqi First Lady met with several women journalists in Sulaymaniyah Iraqi First Lady's media office

Iraqi First Lady met with several women journalists in Sulaymaniyah

Women Iraqi First Lady

The Iraqi First Lady, Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed, held a meeting with several female journalists in Sulaymaniyah on Wednesday evening. The discussion focused on the status of women in the media and their treatment within institutions. According to Ms. Shanaz, there has been a rise in the number of women in media institutions. As a result, women journalists now have better possibilities and have successfully overcome obstacles to becoming competent figures in both audiovisual and textual media. They are also actively involved in gathering, documenting, and disseminating information. 

She said that Female journalists, whether of their roles as presenters, staff members, or reporters, require national encouragement and support to fully utilize their skills and overcome the barriers that impede their advancement in the area of media. At the same time, strive to provide women with equal opportunities and privileges as men inside various institutions. She emphasized that women in the media experience significant exhaustion and encounter many challenges. "It is imperative that we strive to assist and provide them with assistance," she added.

"Although you represent different media institutions, I view all of you equally and wish for pride and success for each one of you. It is important for women to support one another," she stated.

Meanwhile, female journalists voiced their perspectives on the challenges and barriers they encounter in their everyday professional endeavors. They emphasized their desire to demonstrate that their capabilities are equal to those of their male counterparts, despite the additional responsibilities they have as mothers and caretakers.

In response, Ms. Shanaz said: "In order to narrow the gender disparity in the media, it is necessary to establish an institution similar to women's organizations. This institution should encompass women journalists from all media institutions, regardless of their ideological affiliations."
"An entity dedicated to the collection and protection of the rights of women journalists in the media is necessary," she added.

Subsequently, Ms. Shanaz partook in a dinner gathering with the female journalists, during which they sustained their discussions.




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